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Welcome to Hope Medical Community Medicine

Here at the Hope Medical, we want to be the leading deep East Texas health provider recognized for our outstanding patient care, innovative technologies, programs, and medicines as well as a highly motivated, distinguished staff.

We plan to achieve these goals by continue to provide quality and affordable health care while working hard towards expansion and increasing community awareness.

  • Affordable Doctor & Dental Visits and Procedures
  • Prescription Programs
  • Low-Cost Behavioral and Emotional Health Services
  • A Variety of Assistance Programs

Hope Medical - Community Medicine

Wether you need to medical, dental or behavioral health services,
Hope Medical has got you covered.

About us

Hope Medical Community Medicine is a non-profit health care provider based in Tenaha, Texas. Hope Medical provides a variety of Medical, Dental and Health Services that are tailored to your families budget.

Dental Facility 55%
Medical Facility 40%
Mental Health Services 5%
Patients that received discounted services 80%

Hope Medical and Hope Dental have the industries leading tools to provide the best care in East Texas

Hope Medical provides services to all types of patients. Patients that have insurance, are under-insured, have Medicaid/Medicare or are self-pay qualify for discounts on their Medical, Dental or Behavioral health needs.

Hope Medical provides a variety of assistance programs such as our Prescription assistance, Health Care Marketplace assistance, and a variety of payment plans.

  • We serve:

    • Medicare/Medicade Patients
    • Self-Pay Patients
    • Under-insured Patients

What our patients are saying
Meet our Doctors
At Hope Medical Community Medicine, you'll have the confidence of being treated by one of our highly trained Physicians, Nursing, Counseling and Administrative staff. Our team includes regionally recognized physicians, nurses, counselors and community health workers who have vast experience in the services and assistance programs we provide.
Patients seen daily

Over the pass decade we have served more than 25,000 patients in East Texas!

Our Rooms

We have over 35 rooms to serve your medical, dental and behavioral health needs across three facilities in East Texas

Our Staffs

We have over 65 staff members all of which are long-time local residents of East Texas! You are in good hands!

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