Get an Energy Boost With This Drink

Sure, it's a great thirst quencher—but does water actually give you energy?

It quenches your thirst, it's practically free and it gives you an energy boost like no other. What's this magical energy drink? It's water. 

That's right: Drinking water can give you energy. A study shows that slight dehydration can send your energy into a nosedive. And it puts people in a foul mood, too. So, turn on the tap and enjoy the benefits of water. 

Thirsty, tired and grumpy 
In a study, when water was withheld from a group of college students who were working out, they reported not just greater feelings of thirst but also more fatigue, anger, depression and confusion than the group of well-hydrated exercisers. And the researchers suspect that dehydration would probably cause these same side effects in folks who aren't exercising but are water deprived,  although more study is needed to say for sure. Bottom line: Check your fluid intake and drink water if you need an energy boost. 

More tips to invigorate 
If you are getting plenty of water but still feel like a wet dishrag, try these other strategies for an extra energy boost: 

Medically reviewed in January 2020. Updated in March 2021. 

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