Improve Memory with a Power Nap

Getting some extra ZZZs can give your brain a much-needed boost.

Medically reviewed in August 2021

You could improve memory skills with this brilliant little habit: power napping. 

In a study, people who took a power nap after learning a new task performed 50 percent better than the non-nappers when they were later given a test on the task. 

Power nap benefits 
The process of making memories is complicated. And new memories are the most fragile. But in the study, researchers discovered that nappers who got quality deep sleep (slow-wave sleep) during their naps learned new material much better compared with the sleep-deprived participants. Scientists think something about deep sleep helps new memories encode into higher brain regions where memories become more permanent. 

Something about sleep 
Getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night is a good health goal. It boosts your immune system, helps control stress levels and may even be essential in keeping your heart and other body parts healthy. And a power nap every now and then can be a good way to catch up on lost ZZZs—not to mention improve memory and keep your mind sharp.

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