Quitting Smoking: Facts, Advice and Ways to Boost Your Success

5 Essential Facts About Smoking In case you need more reasons to quit.
6 Unexpected Side Effects of Smoking

Cigarettes affect your health and appearance in surprising ways.

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Develop a Quit Smoking Plan That Really Works
6 Smoking Myths That Are Keeping You Sick

Don't let these misconceptions keep you from quitting.

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Shocking Smoking Facts That Will Make You Want to Quit Today

Smoking not only causes cancer and heart and lung disease, but it’s associated with stress, reproductive problems and more.

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How Tracking Can Help You Quit Smoking—and 5 More Tips to Quit

Download Sharecare to kick your tobacco habit for good.

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5 Ways to Overcome Cigarette Cravings

Quitting is hard, but not impossible.

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